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Does the location of a virtual office matter?

One of the reasons why SMEs prefer to get a virtual office instead of traditional or co-working alternatives is to keep costs low. It’s this reason why many business owners overlook the location of their virtual office.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of just going for the cheapest one; If neither you nor your customers are actually going to go there, why would it matter where it is?

The truth is, it does matter. So after you’ve discovered what are virtual offices and the benefits of using a virtual business address, you’ll need to work out where to locate your virtual office. Here’s our reasons why the location can make a big difference.

Find where you belong

One of the main reasons to rent a virtual office is to add to your brand. Your address will say a lot about your business, whether that was your intention or not.

An accountancy firm’ may benefit from a virtual office that rubs shoulders with big, well established financial companies. Alternatively, online model agency may be best placed in the middle of a trendy neighbourhood.

Similarly, both these businesses would be out of place and potentially suffer if they swapped addresses.

Just think about the way that you approach other companies you might want to do business with. Location can be important, right? A prime location indicates a successful business you can trust in. And be honest, has the location of a business changed your perception of them? Well, you’re not alone – we’ve all done it.

The right place to get noticed

Renting a virtual office in the middle of your target market will be noticed more.

The internet is the first place many buyers turn when looking for products and services. Regardless of your business and how you get new leads, setting up online directories to help build your online presence is a must.

How else will search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo know when to suggest your company to your market?

Most directories and listings offer internet users local business listings over those that are much further away. This simple, and often free, way to get in front of your audience should not be undervalued.

Proximity is an important decision-making factor for many consumers when looking to buy a product or service. On top of that, appearing as a local business can influence those who prefer to support independent SMEs over the larger companies.

Choosing the location for your virtual office is like every other business decision you make; it’s important. Not just for today but for your future success too.

Think how much time went into choosing your company name, your website URL, and your logo. Well, the location of your virtual office, and your online presence, are just as important.

Oliver Badcock

Digital Marketing Director

Oliver is the Digital Marketing Director of Virtually There and has 10 years of experience supporting the growth of small businesses all over the world. His insight helps startups and small businesses succeed in all things marketing and beyond.

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