Creating the UK’s leading commercial laundry brand

Merging three businesses

Following a three-way merger, an as-yet-unnamed commercial laundry brand turned to us to create a unified, impactful brand identity.

The challenge was threefold: to capture the unique scale and breadth of the organisation’s services, to recognise and integrate the strengths of the three individual businesses, and to set a path for future growth as one cohesive brand.

We took a deep, comprehensive approach that considered everything from board-level strategy to engineer workwear.

Following a creative and strategic workshop, we produced a new brand strategy, proposition, tone of voice and brand identity. We uncovered the fundamental truths of WashCo’s business – and found the most effective, impactful ways to take that message out into the world at every touchpoint.

Visually, we developed a distinct identity unlike anything else in the marketplace. With a modular, icon-led approach, we enabled WashCo to continuously build its product portfolio and reflect multiple service areas and vendors at once.

As a result, we captured the understated capability of the previous businesses, the modernity of the newly-launched WashCo, and the future aspirations of the brand. WashCo was firmly positioned as ‘Leaders in Laundry’.

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Leading Laundry Brand in the UK

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